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Grad Photos & Retakes

Monday February 8, 2016
Book appointments in the Main Office
Photos will be taken in room 108


School Consolidation Recommendation

Click this link to read the Letter from Director of Education for LKDSB, Jim Costello to Parents/Guardians of St. Clair and SCITS students.

The full Pupil Accommodation Report is available to the public here.


A.R.C. Public Meeting

Tuesday, March 8, 2016
6:30-8:30 p.m. at SCITS

Colt Country Newsletter - February 2016 Edition

Check out the new Be Safe App available to students!

BeSafe App

Be Safe is meant to help you make decisions in a crisis. It will:

  • allow you to make a safety plan
  • inform you about resources in London, Ontario and surrounding area
  • give you options for getting help
  • empower you to reach out safely

Find out more by clicking on the Be Safe icon above.

Student Wellness & Bullying Intervention Reporting Line

519-332-1140 (option 5)

Call the school if you or someone you know needs help! You may leave a message anonymously or leave your name - your choice. Messages will be monitored confidentially by the Principal. SPEAK UP FOR YOURSELF, OR STAND UP FOR SOMEONE ELSE.

Read the following LKDSB and St. Clair documents here:


Principal: Mr. P. Wiersma

Vice Principal: Ms. M. Mallette